Admission 2019 – 2020

Admission to Magister Lvcentinvs will be done after the students have been accepted, the order is determined on reception of the applications.

Applicants must hold a University Degree and, where appropriate, applicants can be enrolled in a University Degree and have less than 18 credits to obtain it.

Applicants must also have a high level of Spanish and English, since the sessions of the course are taught in both languages. Regarding the examination process, students can always choose the language of the exam (English or Spanish).


Tuition Fees

The Academic fee for the full-time Master's degree is € 9,600

The fees are paid in several installments throughout the course.

The Magister rate includes teaching, documentation, and participation rights - prior selection - in conferences and courses organized by the Master, its partners and other organizations.

Administrative fees for the title, university card and opening the student's file are not included in the price. These fees are reviewed annually by the University of Alicante. For more information, please consult the website of the Continuing Education Center of the University of Alicante

There is a limited number of places, which are covered by a strict order of selection, so it is advisable to start the admission process several months before the start of the course.


Required Documentation for application

To be part of the selection process, of the XXVI edition of the Magister Lvcentinvs, Master in Intellectual Property and Digital Innovation, the following documents need to be submitted to the Magister Secretariat:

  • An official color ID such as passport or National ID
  • 1 Passport sizePhoto
  • Accreditation of the qualificationheld: Degree Certificate/Diploma in its original language AND translated into Spanish (official translation if it has been issued in a language other than Spanish and legalized in case it was obtained in a country outside the European Union).
    • In the case of not being in possession of a University Degree, you can present an official Certificate certifying that the candidate is in need of less than 18 credits to obtain the degree.
  • Academic File (official translation if it has been issued in a language other than Spanish and legalized if it has been obtained in a country outside the European Union).
  • Curriculum vitae: including details on your academic and professional career.

Documents can be sent by email:, or by post:

MAGISTER LVCENTINVS. Facultad de Derecho. Departamento de Derecho Mercantil y Procesal.
Universidad de Alicante. 03690 San Vicente delRaspeig (Alicante).

Since many applications for admission are received and there is a limited number of places, it is not advisable to wait to gather all the necessary documentation to sendtogether, but rather it is better to send the available documentation (documents in uncertified copy), andcomply later, where appropriate, with the procedures of translation and legalization, documentation that was not initially available can be sent once you are in possession of it.

Once the documentation has been received, the Magister Admission Committee will evaluate the application and will communicate, if applicable, the admission to the student.

Once the student is admitted, a pre-registration will be made in this web page:

Finally, the Magister Secretariat will explain to the accepted candidates the procedure in order to finish the enrollment procedure. Please send your questions regarding this procedure to or by phone: (+34) 965909392 y (+34) 965909513.

Students enrolled in the Magister must take into account that both the Master's Degree and the University Specialist are University of Alicante Study Programs. Therefore, this normative framework applies to the students of the Magister, as well as graduate students of said University.

The admission process to attend the 26th edition of Magister Lvcentinvs is now closed, since all available places have been filled. Magister Lvcentinvs thanks for all the applications received in its 26th edition. Applicants interested in attending the 27th edition can email us at
Information regarding accomodation:

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