Julián López


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Julian Lopez Richart


Professor of Civil Law

Law Degree by the University of Alicante, received the extraordinary prize of doctorate for his doctoral thesis on Contract to Third Parties in 2001. Between 2007 and 2013 he held the position of Dean Associate for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Law of the University of Alicante. After a year as Visiting Scholar at Cornell University, he took over the Director position of the Magíster Lvcentinvs.

As a specialist in Copyright and New Technologies, he has participated in numerous congresses and specialized courses in this field. Among his most recent publications on this topica, it is worth noting his participation in the Comments for the Berne Convention for the protection of literally and artistic works, or works on subjects as diverse as the problems of identification of P2P network users, the liability of data hosting services providers, private copy facing the challenges of the digital technology or the conflicts between the integrity rights of the architectural work and the power of the owner on them. Currently, is a member of the research group financed by the Ministry of Education, Government of Spain on the issues of civil protection on the Intellectual Property rights violations and its particularities in the digital environment.

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