The Magister Lvcentinvs (ML/LLM), Master in Intellectual Property, was born in 1994 to provide an educational response to the expectations generated when the Spanish city of Alicante was designated as the seat of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), body of the European Union with competence for the registration of European Union Trademarks and Community Designs. Today, more than two decades later, the Magister Lvcentinvs ranks amongst the most complete and prestigious European programmes in this field and more than 700 students, coming mostly from Europe and Latin America, with an increasing demand from Asia, have come through our classes.
The programme is aimed for graduates seeking a postgraduate diploma in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, as for professionals interested in updating or increasing their knowledge in these matters. The Magister Lvcentinvs has a distinctive international nature, not only regarding the body of students and lecturers, but also because it gives to all of them the opportunity to form bonds with other prestigious European Intellectual Property and Information Technology centers.

XXVII Magister Lvcentinvs brochure


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